By volume, it’s the first ingredient in beer. For that reason and many others, we value it immensely. From steam line condensate capture and recycling, to implementation of a new Clean-In-Place system on brewing and fermentation tanks, to our innovative Wastewater Pretreatment Facility, Terrapin looks to curb our consumption of this valuable resource while mitigating our impact upon it.
Wastewater Pretreatment Facility — This system mitigates the impact of the brewery waste stream on the municipality and ultimately contributes to improved quality of the local watershed.
1. Steam line condensate capture reduces overall water usage in the brewery.
2. Clean-In-Place system for brewing and fermentation tanks reduces water consumption through water reclamation
3. Terrapin has designated October “Water Awareness Month” at the brewery and will donate a portion of Taproom proceeds to Georgia River Network.


To reduce electricity consumption on site we’ve installed LED lighting with automated sensors in our warehouse, high efficiency on-demand boilers in the brewery and have recently completed installation of a 720 panel solar array on our rooftop with solar paneled sunshades in our parking lot coming soon. By harnessing the power of the sun’s rays, Terrapin has become Georgia’s first brewery to purchase renewable energy on site.
Solar Array — through a partnership with Cherry Street Energy, a new solar array has been installed on the Terrapin rooftop and soon, solar-panel sunshades in the brewery’s parking lot. The installed array will offset about 30% of Terrapin’s energy consumption with a renewable resource. This addition makes Terrapin the first brewery in Georgia to purchase renewable power on site.
1. High efficiency on-demand boilers running brewhouse
2. Installation of auto-sensor LED lighting throughout warehousing facility
3. No-Idle policy throughout the Terrapin campus


Better soil builds better beer. From Terrapin’s own Ales For Trails, support of Southern forests through the Dogwood Alliance, promotion of local food and commitment to compost culture, we have always valued good dirt and that which grows from it.
Composting — Byproduct from the Wastewater Pretreatment Facility is composted and returned to the brewery landscape for beautification, plant health and erosion management.
1. Compostable wares and food scrap composting in employee break room
2. Ales For Trails creation and promotion to enhance outdoor experiences of the communities in Terrapin’s distribution footprint
3. Terrapin has designated March “Grateful Dirt Month” at the brewery and will host park and trail clean-ups throughout its distribution footprint.


Reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle, precycle, upcycle…at Terrapin we do it all.
Aluminum Cans - By being the first craft brewery in Georgia to move from hard to recycle bottles to infinitely recyclable cans, we doubled the number of units on a truck. This saves fuel, space, time and energy.
1. Installation of new beer filtration system that eliminates a significant waste stream
2. Terrapin’s cartons and case boxes are made of recycled material and are 100% recyclable
3. Our gift shop orders t-shirts made from recycled waterbottles, with a portion of sales being donated to various organizations throughout the year!

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