Community Involvement

There are a lot of things besides beer that the Terrapin Tribe is passionate about. Helping our neighbors is definitely one of them. Good food, the arts and the outdoors are also on that list. If you have a non-profit event on your horizon you think we would be a good fit to partner with there a few things you should consider:

Timing is everything and if your event is in less than a month we, unfortunately, cannot help. We need 60 days to get our act together!

Teams & Bands & Trips etc. With the overwhelming number of requests, we get it’s just too hard to pick. So, aside from a few family and friends, we generally don’t get involved.

Beer is what we sell so if your event doesn’t come with a chance for us to share our product with your participants we’ll probably pass.

Letter of the Law we’re sticklers for it so make sure you have all the licensing and permits your state requires lined up…it’s the first thing we’re going to ask for.

Location, Location, Location if your event isn’t in our distribution footprint we probably don’t want to play.

Responsibilities…we take them seriously. That means no events geared towards kids or that encourage irresponsible behavior.

Ready to move forward? Great! Take a moment let us know some details by completing our simple Contact Us form. Someone will get back to you in a couple of weeks. Here’s to our future partnership!



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