It’s believed that Krunkles traveled to the Far East in search of unique brewing ingredients.  A man named Cato confirmed for our explorers that he was in the company a man called Krunkles traveling up and down the islands of Japan collecting teas, spices and herbs. This Krunkles would stop in villages and town along the way to brew up experimental batches of IPA’s laced with his finds.  Of course these made him quite popular with the locals and it seems they in return trained him in the arts of the Samurai. Eventually they bestowed him with the official title of Samurai Krunkles!  This Ale with Ginger & Green Teas is one of those recipes discovered by our team tucked into an ancient Katana Sheath locals claimed was owned by Krunkles himself! The Krunkles they describe was red haired, bearded and believed to be our man!