For the last 6 years, we’ve been searching tirelessly for any sign of our beloved Krunkles. Our explorers have uncovered clues in the most remote villages, on the open seas, even in the science lab! With each new discovery comes further proof that Krunkles is out there.

Our latest expedition sent a Terrapin scout down under to investigate a possible Krunkles lead. Reports of Aboriginal art featuring a K figure had piqued our interest. Months were spent traveling through the bush, collecting oral histories, excavating artifacts, and sitting around both fires and pubs listening to locals paint colorful images with fables passed down over many generations. One particular story caught our wayfarer’s ear. The man told the tale of an ancestor of his who had been called Bennelong and a mysterious man he met at sea who was rumored to have passed a very special scroll containing an IPA recipe on to his friend James Squire, the father of hops in Australia. The scrolls information was so precious Squire was rumored to have been entombed with it. (You can read the full tail here!)

At this, Terrapin’s explorer jumped up. A scroll with a wildly successful beer recipe and a circled K at the bottom could mean Krunkles!

The next day our explorer made his way to the old Squire property. It hadn’t been occupied in years and  was essentially in ruins. The guide and our explorer made their way into a clearing where on a large flat-faced boulder; though exposed to the elements, an Aboriginal painting was still clear as day. The focus of the art was a large K, enclosed in a series of circles. Underneath this, was a smaller painting; simple, consisting only of a B and a mug of beer.

This had to be the tomb! Willie and our explorer started digging. It didn’t take long to uncover a simple wood casket. Full of excitement, our explorer pried off the lid. Inside was a skeleton, a large beer mug, and a scroll containing a beer recipe with the signature of a legend that remains elusive. He had been here, he had to have been! But where was he now?

Krunkles Down Under is our reproduction of the recipe found on that scroll. We’ve used hops from Australia and New Zealand so it’s as close to the original as we can get. Perhaps these are even the same hops that James Squire and Bennelong cultivated on that farm so very many years ago!


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