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Terraprint is the impact Terrapin has on the environment and our community. Within this initiative, we have 4 main pillars on which we focus our attention: Resource, Water, Energy, and Soil. Every little action makes a difference when it comes to building a more sustainable tomorrow. That’s why we came up with tips on how you can go green with Terrapin in 2021.

We switched from bottles to aluminum cans to double the number of units on a truck saving fuel, space, time, and energy. But most importantly, aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable. And it is really easy. Just rinse it and crush it to make the most of your recycling trip.


Tip #1 Rinse It 

Make sure to rinse each can out before putting it in a recycling bin. Cans with residue in them could attract unwanted pests so make sure to be thorough and drain any water from you can by turning it upside down to drip dry. 

Tip #2 Crush It 

Crush your cans to save space. You can haul around twice as many cans saving you time and fuel when moving these to be recycled. You will probably want to wait until you have a full load before you take your cans in for recycling. When you crush your cans, you will be able to haul around twice as many in your vehicle, which is a lot more efficient!

By volume, water is the first ingredient in beer. For that reason and many others, we value it immensely. Our wastewater pre-treatment facility mitigates the impact of our brewery’s waste stream on the municipality and ultimately contributes to improved quality of the local watershed. But you can save water at home as well! Keep some of these tips in mind: 

Tip #1 Baths over Showers

Take a nice relaxing bath instead of a shower. A half-filled tub will use less water than most showers. And it’s the perfect excuse to sit back, relax, and sip on a Terrapin after a long day's work. 

Tip #2 Full Loads Only!

One reason we started giving away pint glasses with our tasters instead of reusing them is that running a commercial dishwasher at the brewery uses 4 more gallons of water than one at home. But it is also important to run your dishwasher and washing machines responsibly. Only wash when there is a full load because both machines will use anywhere from 25-35 gallons (according to per washing load.

Last year we installed 720 solar panels on our roof to become the first brewery in Georgia to provide solar brewed beer. And while not every home can have solar panels on its roof, there are certainly easy ways to reduce your energy use at home. 


Tip #1 Energy Efficient Bulbs

Still, using incandescent light bulbs? They consume a lot of energy and have to be replaced quite often. While energy-efficient bulbs like halogen, compact fluorescent, and light-emitting diode bulbs are more expensive, they can use up to 80 percent less energy than the standard incandescent bulbs. And over time, you will start to save money because of how much longer they last!


Tip #2 Go Dark

Another easy tip to save energy is to just use less of it. Use natural light during the day, and only turn on appliances or electronics when you need them. We promise your pets don’t need the television on when you are out of the house. They can always catch up on their favorite shows when you are back.


From composting at home to growing your own home garden there are lots of ways to utilize the soil in your own backyard. 


Tip #1 Compost at Home 

Composting is great for the environment as it builds good soil structure for plants and even feeds earthworms and microbial life. In your backyard, look for a dry shaded spot close to a water source. Add various brown materials like dry leaves or wood chips and green materials like food scraps and coffee grounds to your pile as needed. Chop or shred larger pieces and moisten dry ones. Once you have done that, add grass clippings and any additional green materials to the pile. Make sure to bury any fruit and vegetable waste at least 10 inches under the compost material. When the material at the bottom becomes dark that means your compost is ready to use!  


Tip #2 Home Garden

What better way to upcycle some Terrapin beer cans than to turn them into a home garden? Just rinse the can out, cut off the top, and fill it with soil. Succulent plants will grow best in an aluminum can, but you can also add herbs like mint which in turn will make great use for future beer cocktails.