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Terraprint Day Of Service

On April rth Day, the Terrapin team wen tout into the Athens community to participate in community clean-up projects in partnership with Athens-based organizations as part of our Terraprint sustainability and community impact initiative.

Through the Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful organization,three teams set out to clean-up roadways around Athens: Prince Avenue, Oglethorpe Avenue, and Fourth Street.

These streets not only are major roadways for the Athens community, but also are home to some of the bars, restaurants, and stores that support us by carrying Terrapin. The teams spent the day cleaning-up 3 miles of roadway to help Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful!

With the guidance of the Oconee River Land Trust, a group of Terrapin employees assisted in pulling privet, an invasive plant species, from the riverbed of an Oconee River tributary.

By removing this invasive plant, we help to create room for endangered plant species to grow back, diversifying the local ecosystem.

One group from Terrapin visited Williams Farm, an incubator farm only one mile from downtown Athens. The team from Terrapin help to prepare plant beds for the Williams Farm Incubator Program. This program “provides access to land,training and resources to beginning farmers belonging to groups whose members have historically been subject to racial or ethnic prejudice. The goal of the program is to help these farmers hone their skills and develop independent sustainable farm businesses” (Athens Land Trust).

Another group of Terrapin employees participated in Safe Bars training, a program that “helps bars, restaurants, breweries, and other alcohol-serving spaces create safe and welcoming cultures for patrons, and safe and respectful workplaces for staff” (Safe Bars).

In this training, Terrapin’s employees were educated on how to be better prepared when faced with situations dealing with inappropriate behavior in the bar environment, help to ensure a safe environment for both our staff and patrons.

To close out a day celebrating the planet, Terrapin Beer Co.hosted the Green Life Awards and Expo at our Athens Brewery & Taproom. The Green Life Awards celebrates local sustainable businesses & organizations that are making an impact in the Athens community and beyond.

Terrapin Beer Co. was presented with the Rot Start Award for our composting and waste diversion efforts, which includes diverting 100% of our spent grain and yeast from brewing away from landfills!

Over the past 20 years, creating a balance between what we make and what we take has been a critical to who we are as a business, making Earth Day and our 20th Anniversary week the perfect time to come together to give back to our planet. We are continuously striving to grow our Terraprint initiative to leave a positive impact on this world!