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Georgia Water Coalition's Clean 13

The most important ingredient in our of beer, more important than the hops, malt, or other crazy stuff we put in it, is the water. In fact, it is the most important resource we all have. So naturally, we do everything we can to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure it is used to its greatest utility.

If you haven't gotten the picture yet, We care about our water. A lot.

Not only is water the most essential ingredient to our beer, but it is most vital resource on Earth. It isn't just our water, it your water too, and its important that we not only take this into consideration, but ingrain it into how we approach out operations every step of the way.

On average, a gallon of beer requires 7 gallons of water to produce, and in less efficient breweries it can easily exceed 10 gallons.  Our Athens brewery, which we still call home, launched during the height of the 2007 drought so we've understood the importance of making each and every drop count since day one. Thanks to our combined efforts and knowledge, it only takes 4 gallons of water to brew a Terrapin.

Here are a few of the way we take our water seriously

Waste Water Pre-Treatment Facility

This system mitigates the impact of the brewery waste stream on the municipality and ultimately contributes to improved quality of the local watershed.

Steam Line Condensate Capture System reduces overall water usage in the brewery

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we have been able to overcome the challenged associated with water conservation. We capture and recycle condensate from steam lines and are implement water recycling programs for the extremely water intensive process of cleaning fermentation vessels and other brewing equipment.

Clean-In-Place system for brewing and fermentation tanks

This system significantly reduces our water consumption through a process of water reclamation

These efforts have translated in a drop of water usage by roughly 20%, which translates to a water savings of 3 million gallons in this past year alone.

Water Awareness Month

During this past October we celebrated our first Water Awareness month! We teamed up with the Georgia River Network to help support their mission of keeping Georgia's water clean! In addition to organizing an event, organizing trips to clean up some of our rivers here in Athens, we also had a percentage of all sales from our tasting room go to the GRN!

There is so much more work to be done in the new year and decade and we will continue to stay serious about our water!