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Second Brewing Change Scholarship Winner Announced

In 2020, Terrapin Beer Company sought to find meaningful ways to create long-term change and grow diversity in the brewing industry. “This begins with increasing opportunities for employment and education,” said Terrapin’s President Dustin Watts last year in an internal letter to the company. Soon after, the Brewing Education Scholarship Fund was created to support under-represented communities in the brewing industry by providing educational opportunities.

The Brewing Education Scholarship offers financial support and the opportunity to intern at Terrapin Beer Co. between junior & senior year to one eligible student a year from Middle Tennessee State University’s Fermentation Science program.

MTSU rising junior Emily Beavers hopped on a call with employees from Terrapin Beer Co., simply expecting to learn more about female representation in the brewing industry. Little did she know that she was about to become the second recipient of the Brewing Change Scholarship.

Beavers will receive $2500 a year toward her tuition to study fermentation sciences and entrepreneurship at MTSU and the opportunity to complete an internship with Terrapin at either our Athens or Atlanta breweries next summer. Beavers stated that her goals were "learn everything about brewing...and then eventually own my own brewery.”

Calvin Hood, the recipient of the first Brewing Education Scholarship, will join the Terrapin team this summer to complete his brewing internship as part of the scholarship program.

Terrapin Beer Co.’s Terraprint initiative has always had two main focuses – to reduce our impact on the environment and to increase our impact on the community. By opening doors for underrepresented communities, we strive to create a more diverse community to power the future of the brewing industry.