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SUSTAINABILITY SPOTLIGHT: WestRock and The Atlanta Braves

2019 was a big year for sustainability in Georgia.

Individuals, companies, and organizations have been taking big leaps toward being eco friendly and nothing brings us more joy here at Terrapin than having a front row seat to see it all unfold.

While we have seen many individuals and companies make changes in their operations and everyday life and have seen incredible progress made possible by people coming together to maximize their impact.

This year WestRock and The Atlanta Braves  joined forces in the name of sustainability.

The Atlanta Braves and WestRock have implemented new tactics to not only diminish the amount of waste they will produce, but also and to a more effective job of processing it.

A new method of collecting recyclables in the park has been implemented and WestRock has extended their resources to the Braves to ensure an optimal recycling program. All recyclables in Suntrust are collected and then transported to WestRock's local material recovery facilities where they will be sorted, processed, and repurposed into new and useful products.


As one of the largest packaging company in the world, WestRock understands the impact their operations have on our planet and are constantly looking to fight the environmental impact of their operations and invest in programs that create a better tomorrow for everyone. Read more about WestRock and the Braves.

Ball Parks generate a lot of waste

Think about your last ball game, think about all the beer, hot dogs, and dip n' dots you bought.

The Braves have been making efforts to diminish their waste for some time, the journey towards becoming fully sustainable is a long one with a lot of challenges along the way.

This past year through a partnership with Delaware North (read more), the Braves have taken extensive action this past year to drastically cut down the amount of waste they generate. , in 2018 they were able to divert 289 tons of waste from landfills, but through the capabilities made possible through Delaware North, the Braves were able to divert 255 tons in July of 2019 alone. This was done through extensive changes to the collection systems for glass, plastic, aluminum, and organic food waste.

These effort did not go without recognition as VenuesNow magazine presented The Braves with the Best Sustainability Initiative Award as part of the Excellence in Concessions Awards.

And while the season only takes up part of the year, the Battery, the area surrounding the park, requires year round attention. The Battery is buzzing 365 days a year with some of best shops, events, restaurants, and nightlife, Atlanta has to offer.

It is partnerships like this that help allow the Braves and Suntrust park to make the world a better place and lead by example