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7 Steps to Brewau from Home

Brewau has always been one of our favorite events at Terrapin.  We may not be able to celebrate it at the brewery this year, but that doesn't mean you can't bring the party home! We put together 7 steps to create the perfect Brewau from home.

#1 Who's Coming?
Whether you’re recreating Brewau at home or having a socially distanced backyard celebration, make sure you’ve got enough beer to go around.

A good rule to go by is four 12 oz cans per guest. Need help finding our beer? Try our beer finder.

#2 Choose Your Brew
Brewau doesn't have to be limited to Luau. We have all sorts of tasty beers with different flavor profiles so make sure you pick the right ones!

See all our beers.

#3 Set the Mood
Brewau is all about atmosphere, and for official Luau gear, we've got you covered. From tapestries to our new, we've got everything to help set the Brewau mood.

Available in our online store.

#4 What's for Dinner?
No party is complete without something to eat. We've got the perfect dish for Brewau with the Luau Pulled Pork.

Check out the full recipe.

#5 Mix It Up
Sure we think Luau is good enough on its own. But that doesn't mean we can't mix it up every once in a while. Our Luau Mai Tai-PA is a great twist for Brewau.

See full recipe.

#6 Need a Vibe?
Brewau can't be complete without great music. We've put together the best Terrapin tunes for you on our custom Luau playlist.

Check it out on Spotify.

#7 Show Us!
If you don't post about it...did it even happen?  Tag us in your Brewau photos @terrapinbeerco on Instagram or use #Brewau2020.

We will be sharing our favorites throughout the week.