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Terrapin Beer Playlists

We’d hoped to get back to a few of our favorite music festivals this fall, but we’ll settle for jamming to our favorite bands our favorite beers! We’ve curated some tunes to go with some of our beers so you can match your music to your beer to your mood.

Check them out on Spotify: 


Hopsecutioner: A collection of Rock songs inspired by our aggressively hoppy “Killer IPA,” Hopsecutioner.


Luau Krunkles: Be transported to a palm tree shaded beach chair with a blend of Reggae and Hawaiian island jams inspired by Luau Krunkles, our POG IPA


High& Hazy: A colorful collection of groovy tunes inspired by our laid back and silky-smooth hazy IPA, High & Hazy.


RecreationAle: Keep your feet moving on the trail of life with folk and bluegrass songs inspired by our LoCal IPA, RecreationAle


Golden: Sit back, sip, and relax with tunes inspired by Golden, an easy drinkin’ ale that’s smooth as a lazy river


Up-Hi: A collection of Surf Rock classics to accompany you as you ride the waves of Up-HI IPA’s sun kissed flavor sip after sip.


Dreamsicle: Groovy and smooth tunes inspired by our Dreamsicle series.


Dancing Gummy Beer: Reminisce on your favorite outdoor concert memories with this collection of songs inspired by our hemp-infused Berliner Weisse, Dancing Gummy Beer.


Frenchy’s Blues: Classic Rock hits inspired by Frenchy’s Blues, brewed in collaboration with former Atlanta Braves outfielder, Jeff Francoeur. We hope you’ll think this one’s a home run as much as we do.


Sunray: Get a taste of the sunshine with summer jams inspired by our solar-brewed beer,Sunray.


Songs About Beer: Country tunes about our favorite beverages (Including “Terrapin Beer” by the Welfare Liners, obviously our favorite)