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2023 Terraprint Commitments

In 2023 we are going big and that includes being bigger than beer. Our Terraprint Initiative strives to reduce our impact on environment & increase our contributions to the community around us. Check out our 2023 Terraprint Commitments to see what actions we are taking this year to better our environment and community!

1) Strive to become a zero-waste facility through our water treatment program & composting efforts
2) Provide food to people on need in the Athens community through our monthly Mobile Food Pantry
3) Support employee resource groups for our female, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ employees
4) Donate a portion of proceeds from Love is Love to local & national LGBTQ+ causes
5) Fully eliminate our use of glass bottle & package 100% of our beer in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans
6) Fund education opportunities for aspiring minority brewers through the Brewing Education Scholarship in collaboration with MTSU
7) Donate a portion of all to-go beer sales to Giving Kitchen, supporting the bar & restaurant industry
8) Support our local Athens community with monthly donations to hometown organizations