Beer Cocktail: Los Bravos Michelada

Cold beer, lime juice, hot sauce. What more could you want for a brunch beer cocktail? Oh yeah, a chili salt rim if you’re feeling fancy. This classic beer cocktail is perfect for brunch, or any time of day, and Los Bravos Mexican-Style Lager is the best beer to stir up a Michelada.


(makes 1 Michelada in a 16oz glass)

Chili Salt for Rim

1 lime, juiced

Several dashes of hot sauce

Several dashes Worcestershire sauce

One Can Los Bravos


In a pint glass with ice and rimmed with Chili Salt, add juice from half the lime, a few dashes of hot sauce, and a few dashes of worchestershire. Pour Los Bravos in slowly. Stir lightly to combine.  


Haven’t had Los Bravos yet? It’s available in 6-packs of 12oz cans and in 16oz cans. Enjoy a Los Bravos straight up, or as a Michelada in a Los Bravos Pint glass!